Jamb Frame – A side by side jamb frame is also available for interior doors. These doors feature two panels that jamb together. When the door opens, the two panels gently swing outward until the door shuts. This side by side jamb can also be called a sliding jamb or a sliding pocket door. Interior door frames can have a variety of styles, designs and textures. No matter what type you choose, there are a couple of words you should never use when describing your new door. The first word you should use is “timeless”. There are hundreds of doors that are now being sold with a “timeless” look, but this word has no place in the design world.

Flush Wall Door Effect is a design which helps us to make our home spacious. In fact there are numerous designs of flush wall doors which can be selected according to ones needs and requirements. There are many styles available in the market these days, each one has its own charm. The main thing which one should keep in mind while selecting flush wall doors is that they should be strong and long lasting as this will not only help you to save money but also give your home a decent look and feel.